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Does display only favourable reviews?
No. Whether it’s a Rant or a Rave, displays all reviews that meet our “Posting Guidelines” requirements and comply with our Terms of Use. 


How do I provide feedback to
If you have a suggestion or would like to provide some general feedback, please contact us at info@HalalTrav.comWe appreciate all feedback we receive as it helps make our site more informative, user-friendly and enjoyable.


Technical Support

How can I contact
If you have general questions about that are not answered elsewhere in the Help Centre, please write to us at



How do I add a new establishment i.e. (Accommodation, Restaurant, Things to do and Mosque)?      

It's as easy as 1 2 3. As a member, you can add Accommodation, Restaurants, Things to do and Mosque details in each destination. For example , to add a new restaurant, simply click on the ‘Add Restaurants” button in the Restaurants page for a particular destination and start filling in the details.


How do I update an establishment’s details?
As you know that sometimes establishments, whether it be a accommodation, restaurant, attraction or something else moves or changes there details such as there phone number, email or website addresses. To update the details, simply find the establishment on our site, click the "Edit" button and start updating the details. Note: Changing an establishment’s name is not permitted. For the benefit of our Halal travel community , please let us know if an establishment on our site has changed its name or has closed down. We will verify it and remove it from our site.


How do I write a review or add photos?
To write a review or add photos, simply find the destination or the establishment and click on ‘Write Review’ or ‘Add Photos’ button. You will be taken to a form where you can write a review or upload photos.


Can I write more than one review?
Members can write only one review per destination or the establishment/s.  


Can I edit my review?
No. If you wish to have your review edited, then please contact us at and provide our team with a valid reason. Our team will review it and get back to you.


Do my reviews have to be positive?
No. wants you to be honest in your reviews, even if it means saying negative things. Your review/s will be used by fellow Halal travel community members, thus an honest review will  very much assist them to make an informed decision.


When will my contribution/s (add a new establishment, reviews, photos, forum and traveller article) be published?
It could take up to 48 hours for a contribution to be published.  Every contribution will be reviewed by our Editorial Team  before it’s published on You will be notified by email when your contribution has been approved.


How do I ensure my contribution/s gets approved?
The best way to ensure your contribution/s gets approved is to read and follow our Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use.


How do I report an inappropriate content?
If you find a content (reviews, photos, forum and traveller article) that is objectionable, you can click on ‘report’ link at the bottom of each review, photo, forum, traveller article  and give us your feedback. We will evaluate each submission on an individual basis.

Does it help to have a membership?
Yes. Having a membership will allow you to write reviews, add establishments and upload photos. We wont share your account information with third parties.


I’ve forgotten my password, how do I sign in?
If you can't remember your password, click “Forgot your password” at the sign in page and we'll send you an e-mail with login details.


What's my display name?
Your display name is your online identity when using Your display name is viewable by other members, and HalalTrav community will know you by this name. It is displayed next to any reviews, posts, photos or other contributions you make to


How do I close my account?
To close your account, please contact us at . We would appreciate if you could share with us about your experience with and reasons for leaving us. We are always striving to make a fun and enjoyable Halal friendly travel community and your feedback helps us to achieve this.